Aguaje 250g

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Embark on a journey into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest with Aguaje, a mesmerizing fruit that encapsulates the vibrant energy and lush beauty of its tropical surroundings. Known as the "Beauty Fruit" or "Moriche Palm Fruit," Aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa) has captivated indigenous communities for centuries with its enchanting taste and an array of health benefits.



Harvested from the majestic Moriche Palm trees native to the Amazon Basin, Aguaje has long been revered for its cultural significance and nutritive value. Sourced from the depths of the rainforest, this exotic fruit has emerged as a symbol of vitality and natural allure.


Nutritional Powerhouse:

Aguaje is more than just a fruit; it's a nutritional powerhouse, rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Its unique blend of nutrients contributes to both inner wellness and outer radiance.


Key Nutrients:

  • Vitamin A Rich: Aguaje boasts exceptionally high levels of provitamin A carotenoids, promoting healthy skin, vision, and immune function.
  • Fiber and Antioxidants: The fruit's high fiber content aids digestion, while antioxidants combat oxidative stress, supporting overall well-being.


Beauty and Wellness Benefits:

  • Glowing Skin: Aguaje is celebrated for its potential to enhance skin elasticity and promote a natural, radiant glow.
  • Hair Health: Rich in nutrients that support hair strength and vitality, Aguaje is a secret weapon for those seeking luscious locks.


Versatile Culinary Marvel:

Aguaje's exotic flavor profile, a delightful mix of carrot and tropical notes, makes it a versatile culinary marvel. Enjoy it fresh, in smoothies, or incorporated into desserts to savor the essence of the Amazon in every bite.


Elevate your well-being and embrace the enchanting allure of Aguaje, the Beauty Fruit from the heart of the Amazon. Join the tradition of generations who have cherished this exotic gem for both its health benefits and the radiant beauty it imparts.